FLOOD FACTS and NJ Flood Zone

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  • All 50 states experience floods and flash floods.
  • Everyone lives in a flood zone. (For more information, visit Flood Zones FAQs.)
  • Flood damage is typically not included in homeowners insurance.
  • Federally backed mortgages will require that you have flood insurance if you live in a SFHA (Special Flood Hazard Area).
  • Even small floods like an inch of water can cause significant damage to your home and property.
  • Flash floods can cause waves of water 10 to 20 feet high.
  • Just 2 feet of water is enough to push a car away from its parking spot.
  • Flooding may be caused by winter storms, melting snow, and hurricanes.
  • Sometimes new land development which alter runoff outlets can cause a risk of flood.
  • Before you experience a flood consider this: a $100,000 flood insurance plan costs about $400 per year ($33 a month).  On the other hand, a loan from the government due to disaster must be paid back with 4% interest.  For a $50,000 loan, your payments is about $240 a month ($2,880 a year) for 30 years.
  • If you live in a moderate-to-low risk area you may be eligible for the Preferred Risk Policy.  Here, flood insurance premium can be as low as $120 per year and it coverages for the contents in the house too.
  • If your community is a part of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), you are eligible to purchase flood insurance.  The Community Status Book will list whether your community is a NFIP partner.
  • Buy flood insurance before the floodwaters arrive because it takes 30 days for the policy to take effect.
  • In a high-risk area, your home has a 26% chance of having flood damaged within a 30-year span.  This is compared to a 9% chance of fire damage.
  • Last year, one third of the NFIP claims were from low-risk communities.
  • Flood damage in US  from 1994 to 2004 was more than $2.4 billion per year.
  • If your community is a part of the Community Rating System (CRS), you qualify for a discount of up to 45% on your flood insurance.
  • In 2005, the NFIP awarded over $16 billion in claims due to flood-damage.
  • Since 1978, the NFIP has paid $31.4 billion for flood insurance claims and related costs (as of 3/31/06).
  • In the USA, more than 5 million people have flood insurance policies in 20,200+ communities.

For more policy and claim statistics, visit the National Flood Insurance Program. To find out what’s covered click here.
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