How to Sell your Northern New Jersey Home

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There are many things to consider when preparing to sell your home, and the more prepared you are for the journey, the easier it will be. Here are some basic things to consider when you learn how to sell your home in New Jersey:

Presentation is Everything

A home that is presented will fetch the best price, and it will allow your house to be sold more quickly.  It is amazing how “cosmetic” improvements can really make an impact on potential buyers. So, take the time to present your home in a positive light by painting it and/or polish any landscaping details.  If there are things that need to be repaired, now is the time to do it.

First Impressions Matter

When a potential client lays eyes on your property, you want them to feel good about the place.  This could be having the grass mowed or having the driveway cleared of snow.  Seasonal decor, fresh flowers, or a well-placed bowl of fruit is a nice touch which adds warmth to a home.  Although these items do not affect the value of the house or the quality of your appliances, they do matter.  Buyers sometimes rely on their “gut feeling” and if you present a fabulous first impression, it will give them a positive first-reaction to your home.

Remove Clutter and Personal Items

Your home will appear more spacious if you remove all clutter.  As well, removing unnecessary items will allow the buyer to see the house instead of seeing your stuff which can be distracting.  It is also wise to remove very personal items like family photos.  Allow the potential buyer to envision the home being <em> their home</em> by removing things that obviously belong to you.

Bring in the Light.

A well-lit room looks bigger and more inviting than one that is dimly lit.  If possible open the curtains and turn on as many lights as possible. Clean windows to allow the sun to enter.

Showcase Best Features.

If the highlight of your home is the view, an amazing backyard, then consider arranging furniture to showcase emphasize the best parts of your house.

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